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The Fix for Your Inadequacy

October 21, 2013

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A couple of weeks ago, I came across a comment on a blog post that I have been unable to let go. I am not going to do the quote justice, as I cannot remember it verbatim at this point, or even the article that it referenced. It is, however, an idea that I have heard before, and this time,

The comment was – more or less:
From the time you are little, companies point out all of your inadequacies, and then provide “solutions” for them.

In all fairness, I am a former marketer, with a 10 year professional career that included public relations and advertising. In college, I studied – and loved – consumer behavior and the psychology of marketing. The “why people buy what they buy, and how we can get them to buy our product.”

I realize that I am pointing out my Fox status here in the hen house, but I have long stated that us marketing people are some of the most cynical, because we are well aware of the ulterior motives for a company that does Good, and we can see the real message in those quippy product tag lines a mile away . We subtly point out your fears and then let you know that everything is going to be all right, because we have just the thing for you. Fear is a powerful emotion, and we know that you fear being weird, left out, unloved, unattractive, awkward, and all manner of undesirable attributes.

The problem, then, becomes that we as human individual beings become less ourselves and more something we hope other people will like. There is nothing good about this. It creates self-imposed angst and anxiety when we try to be something or someone that is simply not true to our God-Given Self. The truth is that we, as humans, are weird and awkward and flawed.

We are also beautiful and unique and Loved. There is no product or pill or system or book that can change that.

This blog has been up and it has been down. The pendulum has swung from here to there and then over to there. I am working very hard right now behind the scenes to fully develop The Voice I want this blog to carry forward into the future. My husband and I have full intentions that FitMommas becomes a source of livelihood for us, built around my Passion for helping others. Authenticity and Transparency should be cornerstones to what FitMommas brings to the table.

What I hope this blog does not do is come off as a Fix for any Inadequacy. FitMommas is part of the movement towards healthier living for everyone – to get people off their butts and out into the world, to put healthier food on tables, and to be positive examples to our kids. Not because anyone is inadequate, but because Life is Best Lived to its Fullest.

Life is for Living.
Embrace your Inadequacy. Be Authentic. Be Awesome.

Hugs & Love, my friends!

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BIG NOTE: I wrote this late Sunday night, scheduled it, and then upon waking, decided to rewrite. I realized it was too much about me, and less about everyone else. However, technology got the best of me, and it posted as originally written anyway! And a lovely reader of mine wrote that she loved it, and wondered why it disappeared. So here it is, in its original form, written late on a Sunday night, long after my brain cells went to bed. Amy in the Raw. 🙂 Authentic and Transparent. Much love!

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