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Just a needle or 10 in the ankle…

January 13, 2014

This is happening. 😝
For someone who hates needles, I am in total awe of what’s happening in my body – with needles‼️- right now.


I have always wondered about acupuncture, but have a genuine “Needles are icky!” issue. I cannot stomach getting a shot or having blood drawn. Needless to say, multiple needles sticking out of a tender part of the body sounds atrocious.

What changed my tune?
I have really messed up my ankle. I cannot remember a time when I have sprained my ankle so severely, and I feel a bit overwhelmed about the recovery ahead of me. There is much more to say about this, but right now this blog post is coming to you from the parking lot, pecked out on my phone!

So for now…I am excited to see if I notice anything from one session! Time to get my kiddo fed and off to school!

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