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Listen Up! You – yes, you – are Worthy.

February 3, 2014

Me tooDoes it ever feel like everyone else has it all together while you are secretly falling apart behind the scenes? This seems to be our society – the media projects what “perfect life” looks like; social media allows us to show off our version of “perfect life;” and then there is this life we actually lead behind closed doors. Broken lives, usually. Marred by disappointment, pain, abuse, addiction.

Why this disconnect? Is anyone really thriving in this environment? Some, perhaps, but over the past couple of months, stories of broken people, painful lives, and lost connections keep appearing on my radar. Reoccurring themes should, generally speaking, not be ignored. This past week, I feel like this theme has come to a head.

  • I caught a great documentary on Netflix called Miss Representation, a discussion of media’s affect on how we are raising our girls in this country.
  • A long-distance friend and I reconnected to help us both sort out our passions and refocus our goals.
  • Dylan Farrow published the heartbreaking open letter about the sexual abuse she endured by her adoptive father, Woody Allen.
  • Just yesterday came the news that one of my favorite actors, Philip Seymour Hoffman, died of an apparent drug overdose; a father of three young children who was sober for 24 years before his relapse.

We are, as humans, a broken people. Life is designed this way, and I believe that our reason for being here is to figure out how to be happy, find our passion, and become who we are meant to be despite the brokenness. But we certainly make it hard on ourselves, do we not? Always trying to be something we are not in order to fit an ideal that does not actually exist.

Health and Fitness is hard for most of us. The statistics do not lie; we are not a healthy country. Most of us are dealing with emotional pain, and yet when we deny our pain and try to be something we are not, we tend to not like ourselves. Does it make sense that you would be willing to go the extra mile to treat your body the way it deserves if you do not even like yourself? Anyone can drive through McBurgerBell three times a day to eat, and I could go to the gym, but I could also binge watch the first season of Breaking Bad on Netflix. It requires advance thought and planning to buy the right foods, learn how to cook them, and schedule physical activity. It is just easier to not take care of myself, especially if I do not really think I am worthy.

Healthy food lists and workout logs may seem trivial in the face of real human despair, but what we eat, how we move, how we feel – it is all connected. It is what makes us Whole. God put us in charge of this one body, it our job to take care of it.

When we share our stories, we realize that we are not alone, and that we are all unique and beautiful, that we are all worthy of love. We can then believe that we deserve the best life possible for ourselves. Let us build that community. A community where we can let our guard down, share a bit of ourselves, and then here those comforting words, “Me too.” We can share some of our favorite recipes, educate ourselves on nutrition and fitness, have a little laugh, have a little cry.

Can we build that? I think so. Because we are worthy.

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