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What We’re Listening To: Happy by Pharrell Williams

March 3, 2014

Music can set the tone for your day, and my boys and I love to start each day with a song to get us pumped, get us moving, or at least get us out the door. I would love to share what we are listening to with all of you, and hope that you find some inspiration in your day. At the least, you will find some good songs to add to your playlist, right?

We have been listening to this song for awhile now, and to honor him for his Oscar nominee, this week I am sharing Pharrell Williams’s Happy. (I love Disney as much as the rest of them, but was greatly disappointed at Pharrell’s loss last night!)

This song has a catchy tune, gets your booty moving, and if you pay attention, the video can be a fun “spot the celebrity” game! Not to mention the fun of all of Pharrel’s wardrobe changes. If you want to really go crazy, visit, because Pharrell and his team actually produced a 24 hour music video for the song. No Joke.

Now that’s a lot of reason to be Happy!

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