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July 12: FitMommas “Love Your Heart” Day

July 12, 2014

Today, we celebrate Dad’s 61st birthday by spending some time with Grandma. #Love #LoveYourHeart


FitMommas Love Your Heart DayThe American Heart Association puts a lot of effort each and every year into Heart Disease Awareness, and for good reason. Cancer gets a lot of press, as it certainly deserves, but I think that most Americans forget that it is Heart Disease that is the number one killer in America, and most of the developed world. Since 1900, cardiovascular disease has been the number one cause of death in America every year except 1918, and it claims more lives each year than the next five causes of death combined.

Please think about what I just wrote. Heart Disease – more than all cancer, more than chronic lower respiratory disease, more than accidents, more than diabetes, more than influenza/pneumonia – kills more people than all of the above combined. (American Heart Association, 2005.)

Cardiovascular Disease (CVD) is a general term for more than 20 different diseases of the…

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