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Living Zombieland

June 22, 2011

Beware the walking dead, as I feel like I could be cast as an extra in a Zombieland II movie right now. After a weekend of traveling, I got a terrible night’s sleep on Sunday, where I tossed and turned and was hot and never got comfortable. It was like pregnancy, without the excuse for the weight gain. I was pretty much useless to the world on Monday. But that night, I got a glorious night’s sleep and started feeling human again yesterday, actually tending to my children, dusting, vaccuming, cleaning out toys and even a closet.

And then last night…after a night out with some girlfriends (low-key, I swear!), I got to bed just after midnight. And was woken up at 2am by the 5yo. Leg cramps. And then 4am. 5yo. Leg cramps. And then 6am. 2yo. Just cranky-sleepy-tiredness. Finally up for the day just after 8am.

Who am I? Cuz I dunno, and I was hoping you knew. 

Anyway, I have a new What’s for Dinner for you guys, a recipe I made up last week with some shrimp, mushrooms and asparagus. And I have today’s Tunes for Tuesday spinning in my head right now, so I need to get that out to all of you – and hopefully get it in someone else’s head for a bit. Plus, I still have my a-ha moment from last week, my new workout routine to share with you, my new love of books-on-tape, fro yo and other thoughts and pix from my weekend in Memphis with my sister.

While I wait for the itty bitty Chai tea caffeine perk to hit, the kiddos and I have to pick up some things from the library, hit the produce stand because – OH NO! – we are out of fruit!, and probably hit the park. Because it is a lovely 72 degrees in suburban St. Lou this morning. I’d hate to waste it sitting in front of my computer, even if that means ignoring my readers just a bit longer.

How do you balance LIFE and BLOG? 

Do you ever feel like one is overruling the other?

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