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10 Things I’m Thankful For

June 23, 2011

Stephanie over at Fit Mom…in Training started a 10 in 10 list thingamabob today, and I thought it would be a lovely thing to do as well. Sometimes I think writing for other people actually helps you understand yourself just a bit better, no? So not only will you learn some things about me, I just may learn a thing or two about my self.

So today’s List of 10 is….

10 Things I’m Grateful For…

1. My Health Not everyone can say this. I know many people who struggle with aspects of their health every day, and my minor quirks and maladies pale in comparison.

2. Ice Cream Did you expect me to say my children or husband or something? They’ll make an appearance, but understand now that my love and gratitude for frozen high-fat dairy know no bounds. Ice cream makes me smile, and I’m not ashamed to say it, Geneen Roth.

3. My Husband Trey and I prove that opposites do, in fact, attract. A big city, corporate girl, and a small town, blue collar boy. And we make it work every single day of the year. He’s my best friend, and knows more about me than I probably even know about myself.

4. My Career Failures My life is nowhere near what I “planned” it to be when I graduated college. Two layoffs and one firing (Yes. Fired.) later, I could not be happier about where life has taken me. Working for good, rather than evil. 🙂

5. My Boys It seems such an obvious statement to say that my children changed me, but I see a grace and beauty in life, through their eyes, that – while I’m sure it was there before – I had never noticed.

6. My Playgroup/FitMommas If I had not found this amazing group of women shortly after the birth of my first son, there’s no doubt I would have gone running back to the corporate world. My Momma friends bring levity and reality to me on days when I desperately am lacking in both.

7. My Stepdaughter There are days when I think the tween drama that exudes from my stepdaughter is going to send me to a straight jacket, but I can also step back and see what a strong parent, and person, I am with her in my life.  And I love her for that.

8. Yoga I don’t inherently love exercise, nor am I inherently good at it. But yoga not only brings on the Zen and makes me feel strong, it showcases my one athletic strength – super-duper flexibility.

9. My iPhone My phone has saved me money, gotten me un-lost, fixed my computer, brought me music & books, allowed me to blog when not home…there’s a reason I frequently sleep with it under my pillow (because I’m falling asleep to “Rainstorm” on my Ambiance app).

10. Prayer When you feel like there is no hope, when you feel at your wits end, when you can’t possibly get any angrier, when you don’t understand why….Letting Go relieves of the responsibility of having to figure it all out.

(11. Patience It has taken me no less than five hours to get this together. Countless interruptions by the children, a quick scramble to figure out dinner, an unplanned trip up to the orthodontist’s office for the tween, plus a husband headed out of town who needs me…It’s a wonder I manage to get myself dressed every single day.)

Tomorrow, 10 Reason I Blog.

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